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In a Nutshell

My blog (from inception through 1/10/11) in a nutshell… Created at Wordle  

Purge in 1/11: Installment #1

Inspired by one of the blogs I read (it’s a GREAT one; check it out!!), I’ve decided to follow suit and use this month to purge. I SO need to get rid of… Continue reading


Two Cups of Coffee

It’s a “Two Cups of Coffee” kind of day… and I don’t even usually drink coffee!


I first saw this video about 3 years ago, and thankfully it’s still being circulated. It’s astounding to me… I watched a segment on the Today Show a few weeks ago about the… Continue reading


In the past several weeks, I’ve been pretty impressed with Geico’s advertisements. Not so much that we’ve switched our car insurance to the company that claims to save its customer *so* much money;… Continue reading