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So Sweet

Coconutty Goodness

Sundays are typically the day that I post our meal plan for the week, or some fabulous recipe that I’ve tried or even created myself. However, I just HAD to “ooh” and “aaaah”… Continue reading

L-O-V-E This!

Fun Theory

There’s been a video circulating on Facebook and YouTube recently and when I saw it, I immediately latched onto the idea behind it. Which is that “something as simple as fun is the… Continue reading

Enough Said!

Source: Carolyn_Sewell

Cow’s Opinion

Source: Carolyn_Sewell     I love this. And if it weren’t for my desire to be accurate in my language and meaning at all times (and thus, my LACK of wanting to appear… Continue reading

I’m Hunting Emu

With all the cold, wet, snowy weather we’ve had, I broke down and bought a pair of rain boots. I love them and wear them often. However, as much as I love my… Continue reading

Amazing Race

We LOVE The Amazing Race. It’s the only reality show that either of us have ever been able to get into (and stick with). I’ve watched a few others here and there (Trading… Continue reading

Purge in 1/11: Installment #2

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m taking a note from one of the blogs I read and using the month of January to purge and declutter. In doing so, I’ve found… Continue reading


Happy Birthday, Ollie! His birthday was actually yesterday and I kept asking him “Do you want to turn three?” He got SO excited–talking to us, dancing and jumping around. Brock and I thought… Continue reading