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Things I Love

My husband~the feel of sand between my toes~my sweet puppy~a brand new book~freshly painted nails~CSI:NY~anything (clothes, pillows, bedding) with eyelet detail~Phase 10~snow covered trees~The Family Stone~peonies~the color pink~pajamas~U2~my Bible~working from home~my dutch oven~FRIENDS~traveling~Dave… Continue reading

In a Nutshell

My blog (from inception through 1/10/11) in a nutshell… Created at Wordle  

Purge in 1/11: Installment #1

Inspired by one of the blogs I read (it’s a GREAT one; check it out!!), I’ve decided to follow suit and use this month to purge. I SO need to get rid of… Continue reading

There’s an App for That

This past Sunday I posted an entry that addressed some of the things I’ve been wrestling with. “Wrestling” in the sense that I keep finding myself being floored by and asking forgiveness for… Continue reading


Oh. My. Gosh. Why in the world did I wait so long to finally get her cookbook? Thankfully, I didn’t wait to cook any of her recipes! But seriously… Having so many of… Continue reading

The Help

I mentioned that I did not read as much last year as I usually do. However, I did read several books (probably about 6 or 8, instead of my normal 15-20). One of… Continue reading

What If…

…Jesus Meant All That Stuff? by Shane Claiborne Today’s entry is an article I found in Esquire Magazine. It’s from November 2009, but it so resonated with me. I hear so many Christians… Continue reading

Something That Makes Me Laugh

“The One with Joey’s Interview”, Season 8, Episode 19 FRIENDS makes me laugh. I have all 10 seasons on DVD, and have watched them all many (probably too many) times. I often laugh… Continue reading

Two Wolves

Two Wolves – A Cherokee Tale A Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight that is going on inside himself. He said it is between 2 wolves.   One is evil: Anger,… Continue reading


Yesterday’s suggested blog post topic, per The Daily Post, was: Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method? I SO prefer talk! But face-to-face. I’m not really much of… Continue reading