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Iced Coffee

If you live anywhere near where I do, it’s a little strange that I’m posting this today–on what happens to be the coldest day we’ve had in who knows how long! But when… Continue reading


What a perfect day to post another entry in my 1000 Gifts series! Thanksgiving is often a day that we get so caught up in all that’s going on: cooking, football, cooking, eating,… Continue reading

Easy (Delicious) Mac & Cheese

As I was looking online for a side dish to complement the roasted pork and vegetables I made for dinner this past Thursday evening, I stumbled across a recipe for Slow-Baked Mac &… Continue reading

Perfect Sunday

Today… Waking up on our own–without an alarm (unless you call Ollie pawing at the pillow an alarm), having breakfast together, going to see an early showing of Harry Potter 7 (part 2),… Continue reading

Year One

One year of blogging, under my belt!   I started out so hesitantly, not even sure I’d be able to stick with it–but wanting to–as is obvious here in my first post. And let’s face… Continue reading

Halfway There

At the beginning of this year, I (with who knows HOW MANY others) joined WordPress’s Daily Post Challenge to post once a day for the entire year. Sadly, I’ve missed twice. 😦 In… Continue reading

Could Eat the WHOLE Thing

There aren’t many things that I could plow right through and eat in their entirety. But good, homemade guacamole is one thing that I could practically eat by the spoonful! Yes, it’s very… Continue reading

What’s for Dinner

Source: Real Simple So, with our house in MAJOR UPHEAVAL–due to packing to move–I’m not cooking a whole lot this coming week. However, I am making some barbeque pulled pork in the slow… Continue reading

Adobo Pork

I subscribe to quite a few blogs. Many of them are cooking blogs, which I lovelove to read and get inspiration from. I typically use the recipes I find there as a jumping… Continue reading

13 Days

We are 13 days away from closing on the house. And I can hardly wait! All that remains to be done are just the finishing touches… Things like sodding the yard, hanging the… Continue reading