A Pint and a Fag

So, imagine the title of this page spoken with an Irish brogue… Brock could do it for you. I can’t. But oh, how I LOVE Irish accents! In fact, I used to say that I wanted to marry an Irish man. It used to be on my “list” of must-haves. I got older, however, and I narrowed that list to more important things. But wouldn’t you know: my funny, RED-HEADED, freckle-faced, Arkansas-born, husband can do a GREAT Irish accent! And I *love* it! It makes me smile to think that maybe, just maybe, God was smiling down on me when He brought Brock into my life. As if to say “He may not be Irish, but he sure can speak like one!” 🙂

A home in Dublin... seriously? I could SO live here. And want to. Maybe someday.

Anyway, both of us–prior to meeting–have always wanted to visit Ireland. We talked briefly about going for our honeymoon, but decided instead to go somewhere where we could just “veg” rather than sight-see. So we plan on going to Ireland SOON!! We want to see all of it, to take it all in! We’ve even talked about staying for an extended period of time. What fun would that be!??! Anyway, we’re in the midst of planning a trip, where we’ll eventually have that “pint (of Guinness) and (maybe) a fag”!

The photo at the top of this post is of Ireland–it’s Great Skellig Island, off the southwest coast. Anyone ever been to the Emerald Isle? Can you give us any pointers–what are some must-see places? What should we do? Anything we should avoid?