It’s Pinteresting Wednesday Again…

…so let’s make it a good one!

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I love sweet potatoes. SO MUCH! But I lovelovelove potato skins! They’re one of those things that I always want to order when we’re out to dinner, but I don’t. Because although they sound delicious, they never live up to the description. They’re always greasy and soggy. But I can really get behind these!

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FRIENDS is my all-time favorite show. It never fails to make me laugh, even though I can pretty much quote every episode right along with the characters.

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Oh my! I love that this room features shingles INSIDE! And I love that they’re BLUE! But I’m not sure what I love more: the shingles or that they’re blue.

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Are we serious here? FETA CHEESE dip? I might just have to make this. Pronto.

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I am so into dresses this fall. They are such an easy way to look pulled together without a lot of effort. The cardigan and boots step this look up, and you could do just one or the other.

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Holy cow. Another recipe I must make immediately!

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Seriously. These are just brilliant! Socks that actually keep your feet warm in flats or heels, but that don’t detract from that look? I’ve added them to my wish list.

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