The Life List

Do you have a life list? You know… a list of things you’d like to do or accomplish in your lifetime?

I do. In fact, I created a 40 Before 40 list about a year and a half ago. But I’ve collapsed it into the one that follows.

My list is in a perpetual state of “edit”, as I add to (and sometimes take away from) it often… so I’m not sure it will ever be complete. I do this because I’m in a constant state of “edit”; aren’t we all? The joy is most definitely in the journey, and whether I have the chance to actually mark through every item on this list is not the point. The point is that I will keep adding things as I change and grow… it makes life more exciting. And it marks my forward motion.

If you’ve followed me or been reading Life is Grace for even just a little while, then you know that I am someone who wants to do more than just survive; I want to THRIVE! And while there are certainly things on my Life List that I’ll never have control over, I am going to (and will continue to) add them anyway. If we’re not full of hope, then what’s the point?

Without further ado…

The list of things I’d like to do or accomplish during my lifetime:

1. Achieve dual citizenship. US and UK .

2. Drink a Guinness in Dublin with Brock.

3. Vacation to Hawaii with Brock.

4. Volunteer my time to serve someone or a group of people in need (currently, I’m really drawn to do something about The Girl Effect, but I’m still looking into what to do/how to help!)

5. Build a home that we love.

6. Go to Portugal and Spain with Brock.

7. Take a dance class.

8. Read Mere Christianity.

9. Trace my family’s geneology.

10. Grow food in my own garden, and learn how to tend it well!

11. Know my neighbors well enough that it’s not awkward to invite them to dinner.

12. Learn how to bake a perfect flourless chocolate cake.

13. Attend a cooking class. I lovelove to cook. I’m creative in the kitchen. But I’d like to take a class or a series of classes. Maybe on a certain type of cooking, or even a knife skills class.

14. Run another 10k–maybe a half-marathon.

15. Go to a World Cup soccer game.

16. Tour a winery.

17. Own an original piece of art and hang it in our house.

18. Hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

19. Eat real Chicago pizza.

20. Remodel part of a house by ourselves.

21. Travel to the Pacific Northwest.

22. See Canada {British Columbia AND Toronto}.

23. Shoot a gun–not out of necessity.

24. Begin investing our money.

25. Clean out, minimize, downsize, purge. I’ve started this, but want to continue to do it!

26. Visit the UN.

27. Learn a language well enough to be able to translate effectively.

28. Attend a lecture at Harvard.

29. Visit the Eagle & Child, the pub were CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien used to meet.

30. Start my own business.

31. Drink wine in Italian wine country.

32. See NYC at Christmas.

33. Get into a food fight.

34. Do something special for each of our family members.

35. Take a girls’ trip with my mom.

36. Promote to Star Stylist with Stella & Dot.

37. Vacation at the resort where we got married.

38. See a prize-winning movie at Sundance.

39. Learn how to bake gluten free bread.

40. Take Brock to a Dave Matthews Band concert.

41. Take Brock to a David Gray concert.

42. Take Brock to a Mumford & Sons concert.

43. Attend a shotgun wedding in Vegas {I just really, really want to see one! …even if I don’t know the people getting hitched!}

44. Go white-water rafting {I’ve been before, on the Snake River, but that was AGES ago!}

45. See a Broadway play ON BROADWAY!

46. Find the cojones to converse in Spanish again. What happened to me!? I had it, then I went to school and got my MA in linguistics, and somehow lost my nerve!!

47. Live debt-free.

48. Learn how to knit.

49. Decide on an e-reader and just bite the bullet and BUY ONE, thus allowing me to stop collecting so many books.

50. Learn how to take really, really great pictures.

51. Create a recipe of my own. Something totally unique.

52. Party in New Orleans.

53. Read: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell, and Delivering Happiness, by Tony Hsieh.

54. Plant peonies in a garden of my own.

55. Watch 50 more of Imdb’s Top 250 Movies. I’ve seen 66 so far.

56. Own a front-porch swing.

57. Take pictures in Central Park.

58. Do a White House tour.

59. Try Indian cuisine.

60. Go to Washington D.C. with Brock.

61. Stand outside Rockefeller Plaza to see the filming of the Today Show {just being in the outside audience will be perfect!}

62. Visit London.

63. Cut my hair short again… a la Carrie Bradshaw in Seasons 5 & 6 of SATC.

65. See U2 in concert with Brock.

66. Own a first-edition book. Some sort of classic.

67. Throw a dinner party–complete with invitations, hor d’oeuvres, drinks, dinner and dessert.

68. Hire a someone to help me keep our house clean.

69. See the Grand Canyon.

70. Play an entire game of Monopoly, start to finish.

71. Visit Yellowstone National Park & Jackson Hole, WY with Brock.

72. Stand inside a Sequoia tree.

73. Visit Morocco.

74. Eat at one of Rick Bayless’s restaurants.

75. Go to a Red Sox game with my dad.

76. See Lake Como.

77. Learn how to make good corn tortillas.

78. Visit Prague.

79. Tour a winery with Brock.

80. Stay at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

81. Take pictures in Central Park.

82. Live along the coast.

83. Fly first class on Emirates Airlines.

84. Kiss Brock in Milan.

85. Take a train in Europe.

86. Live in a city downtown.

87. Cut a huge check to charity.

88. Throw a surprise party for Brock!

89. Make pasta from scratch.

90. Visit Istanbul.

91. Go back to Burlington, VT.

92. Camp and fish with Brock.

93. Walk down Lombard Street in San Francisco with Brock.

94. Play tennis with Brock.

95. Buy a really expensive bottle of wine and share it with Brock.

96. Convince Brock that he won’t break his bones if we go on a ski trip.

97. Teach Brock how to snow ski.

98. Find the perfect pair of jeans & buy them, no matter the cost.

99. Stay in a house on the coast of Rhode Island {preferably Newport}.