“The single most important decision you can make is to begin. Begin even if you are afraid. Begin even if you don’t know how things will turn out. Begin ESPECIALLY if you are terrified of beginning.
The only real difference between someone who “made it” and someone who will always wonder “what’s making it like?” is that someone who “made it” BEGAN and then NEVER LOOKED BACK.
For the dedicated journeyer – there is no plan B, there is no attachment to outcome, there is no end point. People who end up living the life of their dreams follow their intuition, they act as if today is the day they will meet meet their Maker. When you die to your fears daily then you can be free. Free to go on the journey your heart is dying for you to take.
Begin your journey today. No more fear. No more “what ifs”. No more wondering what its like to be someone who made it. Don’t worry about making it. Worry about never starting. Start NOW!”

~ Mastin Kipp