Every Day

Busy? Who isn’t?

Work, school, cleaning house, cooking, and a variety of other chores and upkeep. And if you have kids these things can add up quickly and can take 2-3 times as long.

I received an email from my dad the other day that directed me to a website called Draw a Stickman. To be honest, I was a little leery for two reasons. First, the email was a forward from my dad. Once in a while he passes along fantastic emails. Once in a while. 😉 He gets most of them from one of his best buddies, and they’re just not the greatest… (sorry, Dad!) Second, the only words in the email besides the URL were these: “try this. it will move.” With those being the only words, I was expecting it to move and then yell at me or something of that sort.

Source: Draw a Stickman

But I was pleasantly surprised. It took about 3-4 minutes or so to get through the entire thing, but I was enjoying myself and wanted to see what the point was. Without spoiling the message of the adventure, the key to it is in my previous sentence: I was enjoying myself. And it took all of 4 minutes. If that.

So yes, while it’s easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives and all the busyness that pulls at us and requires our attention, why not do something that we enjoy? Even if for just 3-4 minutes a day (hopefully MORE!), every day. It may not be Draw a Stickman. And let’s face it: it probably won’t be! It may, instead, be savoring our morning cup of coffee over a good book or magazine, reading for pleasure before bed each night, finding something on television–even if it is a “guilty pleasure” sort of show, painting, writing or playing a musical instrument.

So what will it be? What can you carve out 4-5 minutes–or 20-30 minutes–every day to do? Whatever your own “stickman”, be intentional about drawing one daily. I’m sure you’ll be more relaxed, happier, and you’ll probably be more productive too!