I’m continuing today to focus on all that God is and does, and count my way to 1000 as I recognize the many ways He shows His love on a daily basis.

120. Questions.

121. Answers.

122. That God knows both #120 and #121  🙂

123. That my heart’s ungratefulness leads me back to gratefulness.

124. That though my mom can’t be here with me today, she is alive and well.  I love our relationship.

126. An evening with friends; laughter, joy.

127. Grateful for modern-day appliances that make my life a whole lot easier.

128. Grateful for friends that remind me of how much I have.

129. Grateful for the days where things just “click.”  They give me the energy to keep on going during the days when things aren’t clicking.

130. Grateful for those moments where the gender gap lessens just a bit, and spousal understanding abounds.

131. Days where difficult relationships are a little less difficult.

132. A husband with a short memory.

133. This list which continues to urge me to express my gratitude.

134. God is good all the time. . . . no matter what circumstances around me might say.

135. The right words.

136. Grace for all words.