Playing Along

I recently found a new blog–THAT I LOVE–and I’ve been reading around on it quite a bit lately. Trying to catch up, I guess. It’s called Flower Patch FarmGirl. It’s full of everything that I love–photos, recipes, faith and most of all: authenticity. Shannan writes with the kind of beauty and honesty I only dream of writing with. The way she strings her words together makes me sometimes laugh and sometimes cry. But I alwaysalways find myself nodding along.

I found this survey/questionnaire on one of her recent posts and since she *begged* 🙂 her readers to play along, here goes:

current guilty pleasure: Bubble baths.
current nail color: Champagne–a mild change to my typical “clear”. Oh, how exciting am I!?
current playlist: John Mayer playlist on Spotify.
current read: Falling Together, by Marisa de los Santos.
current drink: Pumpking spice latte, my own… made in our Cuisinart single-serve brewer.
current food: Sausage, mushroom and spinach lasagna.
current favorite show: Parenthood.
current wish list: Green dress and black boots (not to wear together).
current needs: A rockin’ start to Q1 at work.
current triumphs: Getting back in the swing with regular exercise.
current bane of my existence: Soreness from getting back to “it” with yoga.
current celebrity crush: Gerard Butler
current indulgence: Dark chocolate chips.
current blessing: Snow on the ground and snowflakes still falling.
current outfit: Jeans. And a long-sleeved t-shirt and a sweater. And a jacket. And a scarf and mittens. It’s COLD!
current excitement: The weekend!!
current mood: Grateful. May this always be the case…
current link: Pinterest.