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I’m back with today’s Pinteresting Wednesday post! If you’ve missed any along the way, just take a look at any of these:


Here we go with today’s very “Pinteresting” post…

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Oh my, oh my! I do love cinnamon rolls! But I do NOT love how I feel after eating one (or 2). They just sit at the bottom of my stomach and I’m left with little to no energy. So the thought of these–being able get the taste of a delicious cinnamon roll in just a bite (or 2!)–is perfect. AND they might be the easiest ever to make (even better)!!!

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One of my favorite songs–EVER–is an old hymn that Kristian Stanfill reworked and modernized. I love old hymns; the way the writers communicated their faith is so beautifully intimate. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about this song before on Life is Grace, but the song (melody + lyrics) is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Click here to see a video/hear it. You won’t regret it. The song will find its way into your heart, and you’ll be changed.

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How adorable (and green and practical and completely ingenious!) are these!? Reusable, snapping “paper” towels! 

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I’m a big fan of focal walls. And I do love wallpaper. But in small amounts. So I could totally get behind this! I lovelovelove the idea of hanging wallpaper behind the mirror in a powder bath–or even our master bath one day. What a fabulous, easy way to add some interest and contrast to a small space.

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Wow. Just “wow”. That might be all I can say. Oh! And YUM!!!

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I love the pops of deep orange thrown in with the charcoal. So, so pretty and just my style!

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Can we just say DREAM LAUNDRY ROOM!? I love all the light in here and the tile work is just gorgeous! The fact that there are specific places to fold laundry AND wash dogs (ahem, Ollie!) makes me oh, so happy!

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