Pinteresting Wednesday

Jumping right in to today’s “Pinteresting” post…

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*love* everything about this room. The color, the horizontal wood paneling. every.last.detail.

Source: shorely chic interiors via melissa on Pinterest

I don’t usually get that creative with my baking… I’m more of a “if it tastes great, it doesn’t have to look cute” kind of gal. But these, I could do… with what looks like minimal effort.

Source: created by diane via melissa on Pinterest

OK seriously: I might be MOST excited about these little beauties right here. TOMS ballet flats!! I love the idea of TOMS “do good” shoes: you buy one, they give to someone in need. But I just have never liked their original designs. At all. However, I am LOVING (and I do mean L-O-V-I-N-G!!) these. Can’t wait!

Source: fab sugar via melissa on Pinterest

Bite-sized baked brie. Need I say more?

Source: joy the baker via melissa on Pinterest

LOVE these words… What a positive attitude, and what courage they instill!

Source: everything etsy via melissa on Pinterest

How pretty is this?

Source: teach craft love via melissa on Pinterest

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