Obsess Much? [Castelvetrano Olives]

I have to admit a strange obsession that has made its way into my life: olives. But not just any olive. These are buttery and bright green, with a crunchy bite. In fact, their taste reminds of olive oil–more so than any other olive I’ve had. They are Castelvetrano olives, and strangely, I can’t get enough of them!

I first had them at a party and when I returned home, I went to every store looking for them; I had to satisfy my craving. When I finally found them, my husband and I were on our way to small group and shopping for a dessert to take with us to share. I popped those babies open in the car on the way to our hosts’ house and chowed down on as many olives as I could before we got to their house (pathetic? yes!!)! Since then I can hardly keep enough in the cupboard or fridge!

Olives have never been my snack of choice. Until discovering the Castelvetrano variety, I’ve always been a bit indifferent about them (although I love olive oil and tapenade!). But it’s the vinegary, overly salted and mushy taste that has left me that way. If you’re not an olive lover, give this variety a try. I promise, you may just change your mind and suddenly become like me: not able to get enough! Castelvetrano olives aren’t cured like most olives are. They are harvested young and brine cured. The resulting flavor is mild and buttery, rather than vinegary and being overpowered by salt.

If you’re already on the olive bandwagon, add these to your shopping list; they’re perfect for snacking or even garnishing a martini!

What I love best about these olives is their crunchy, buttery bite with the clean essence of olive oil peeking through. I’m kind of hoping the novelty will wear off some… I’m already on my 5th jar! 🙂