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If any of you want to join me in doing your own Pinteresting Wednesday posts, feel free! I’d love to see what you’re pinning on Pinterest, so link up! And let’s find each other on Pinterest, too. Let’s jump right in to today’s post…

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Is this not THE.MOST.FUN. Christmas ball you’ve ever seen?! I love it. AND, it actually looks like something I could make. Without too many mishaps. It’s just a styrofoam ball (painted), then covered with buttons and pins. LOVE it!

Source: just me & him and her & him via melissa on Pinterest

YUMYUM!! Honey Chipotle Grilled Chicken.

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Essie Bermuda Shorts – while an obvious choice for spring and summer, it’s actually a gorgeous color year-round.

Source: The Closet Chronicles via melissa on Pinterest

I’m digging this invitation. But just WAIT until you read the blog post (click the link next to “Source”) about the actual party. Anyone want to join me in hosting one? What a fun way to swap books you’ve already read!

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❤ it!

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