What a perfect day to post another entry in my 1000 Gifts series! Thanksgiving is often a day that we get so caught up in all that’s going on: cooking, football, cooking, eating, etc… that it’s easy to overlook the day itself. It’s easy to let it pass without actually giving thanks.

Not today, and hopefully not ever. Here are the next several items on my long list of things for which to be grateful.

45. My mom–in addition to helping me in the kitchen and being an EXCELLENT cook, we have SUCH a good friendship. I love her so very much!
46. My dad… He is an amazing friend and such a wise, generous and funny man. I’m so grateful for the example he’s set in my life.
47. Delicious food.
48. Good company.
49. A husband and a dad who do the dishes and post-Thanksgiving cleanup without too much complaining.
50. Being able to learn new things in the kitchen.
51. Grace to endure a crazy holiday season.
52. Post-dinner naps.
53. Shopping with my mom.
54. Getting to spend the past several days (and more to come!) with my parents.
55. Family.
56. People who know, understand and love me.
57. People who want to be an intimate part of my life.
58. Laughter.
59. Inside jokes.
60. Parents who want to spend time with each other.
61. Quiet.