Pinteresting Wednesday: Thanksgiving Menu

I’ve been pinning ideas for my very first cooked-by-me Thanksgiving dinner and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all figured out. I should, right? Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!!! Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving?! I started prepping some of these items this past weekend so that today and tomorrow aren’t too crazy. Thankfully my mom is here to help!

So let’s get going with today’s Thanksgiving menu-themed post.

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Doing a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey, since there are only 4 of us this year.

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This Root Gratin (with sweet and russet potatoes, tarragon, garlic, cream and gorgonzola cheese) is SO good! I’ve only made it once before, but I decided then that it would be on the Thanksgiving menu. The recipe also calls for celery root and parsnips but I nixed them, knowing my diners. 🙂

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My mom made something similar to this last year (I think it was last year)… It was a huge hit in this family who loves southern cooking AND Latin flavors! So I’ll be trying my own hand at it with this recipe (cornbread dressing for the southern flair; chorizo for the Latin flair). This might be the item on the menu that I’m most looking forward to!

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Green bean bundles with bacon: again, yum!

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One of Brock’s favorite desserts is Chocolate Buttermilk Pie. He had it at a barbeque restaurant in Jackson Hole, WY. So I found the recipe and have made it for him several times. It’s a must-have part of our Thanksgiving menu.

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Sweet potato pie is my parents’ favorite. And since they’ll be here celebrating with us I want to make sure we’ve got them covered.

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