A New Favorite: Pinteresting Wednesday

It’s here! Wednesday’s Pinteresting post! I used to kinda dread Wednesdays… not just because it’s “hump day” (slump day?), but because I was always at a loss for a great post. I had tried “Wordless Wednesdays” and “What I Love Wednesdays”, but neither of those inspired or excited me the way PINTERESTING WEDNESDAY does. It has a nice ring to it, plus I get to share some of my most favorite pins from followers and people I follow, as well as things I’ve found in my own browsing during the week. In other words: awesome ideas from people with AH-mazing taste! 😉 And if the first couple of weeks are any indication, these posts are getting great feedback from those of you who read and subscribe to Life is Grace, too!

So let’s get going with today’s very “Pinteresting” Post…

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LOVING the photos around/in the corner. SO visually interesting.

Source: apartment therapy via melissa on Pinterest

I must *really* be alive then! 🙂

Source: for the love of design via melissa on Pinterest

Painted, raised beds. I love everything about these–the function, yes. But the color is gorgeous! I’d love blue, too!

Source: du côté de chez vous via melissa on Pinterest

LOVE THIS set!! Especially because I already have everything in it (well something similar): the navy & cream striped shirt, the black skinny jeans, the cognac riding boots, the red scarf and awesome gold fringe hoop earrings! Looks like I know what I’ll be wearing this weekend! Dontcha just love it when things come together like this?!!

Source: Polyvore via melissa on Pinterest

This girl LOVES her french fries. Especially sweet potato fries. If you click the link (source) of this photo, it will take you to a blog that swears to hold the secret to making sure your sweet potato fries come out crispy every.single.time. Can’t wait to see if the blog author is right. She is, apparently, the french fry pro! The Sriracha sauce she includes with her recipe was enough to “have me at hello”.

Source: the art of doing stuff via melissa on Pinterest

“Keep Calm and Carry On” is something I whisper to myself at various times throughout the week. So when I saw this, I had to re-pin it. Target is a place that I love to wander through–on a regular basis. It makes me happy and often helps me keep perspective. That may sound funny, but when I want something (shoes, makeup, etc…) if I go to Target and find something similar for about 1/3 of the price it helps… even if I don’t buy it, just knowing that I could have it for much less helps me keep perspective on the world and all that it throws at me.

Source: JP Creatibles via melissa on Pinterest

This is such a different dress–perfect for the holidays. And throughout the year, really.

Source: anthropologie via melissa on Pinterest