One Thousand Gifts

Last November, I did a series of 7 posts called “Thankful” (first in the series), because I wanted to be intentional about expressing gratitude during the month of Thanksgiving. That attitude has since overflowed into my blog with some “Thankful Thursday” posts. But after reading a book called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp, I want to spend some time (and yes, it could take a great deal of time) to concentrate on all the MANY, many gifts (thousands, actually) that I have to be thankful for.

So I thought I would start this month. I’ll be categorizing these posts “1000 Gifts” and I’ll have a page on my blog where I’ll keep track of everything too.

  1. Life–both physical and eternal (okay, that one was easy!)
  2. Hubby–who faithfully loves and cherishes me, at my best and at my worst.
  3. Morning–love the newness and that my slate is clean.
  4. A Savior who takes a personal interest in my life.
  5. The smell and taste of hot coffee in the morning.
  6. Encouraging words.
  7. Friendships that have lasted the wearing of time.
  8. Handwritten notes.
  9. Inspiring words.
  10. Kindred spirits.
  11. Memories.
  12. Relief from pain.
  13. Ability to feel pain.
  14. Warm sunshine.
  15. Naps.
  16. Warm blankets.
  17. Cool pillows.
  18. Lyrics that touch my soul.
  19. Time to rest.
  20. Pajamas.
  21. Friends that call “just because.”
  22. Raindrops.
  23. A job that I love.
  24. Imperfections–that God would take them, and turn them into a masterpiece that reflects Him.
  25. Efforts to try new things.
  26. That God’s memory is shorter than mine.
  27. That God’s memory is longer than mine.
  28. God’s sovereignty.