Pinteresting Wednesday

As I mentioned last week, I’m weaving my love for Pinterest into my love for blogging. You really will love this tool for pinning your favorites (from all over the web) onto one site. Pinterest even gives you the capability of installing a “Pin It” button to your web browser’s toolbar so that while you’re reading your favorite blog and you want to capture that recipe or photo for later, or you want to be sure you remember how to make that homemade laundry detergent, just click the “Pin It” button and save it (pin it) to one of your Pinterest pin boards. Seriously: it doesn’t get much cooler (or easier!!) than that.

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Here are some of my faves from the last week of pinning:

LOVE this verse! ESPECIALLY the last part: oh, that I’ll be able to laugh without fear of the future. It’s called trust, right? Trust that my Father is in control and that HE IS GOOD!!!!

Source: aholyexperience via melissa on Pinterest

Smart Idea: Make large batches of soup then freeze in silicone muffin molds. Pop ’em out and keep in freezer. Just reheat 2-3 pucks in a mug for a quick dinner. Perfect for the upcoming fall/winter season!

Source: themommyincharge via melissa on Pinterest

I WANT to do blues in our home one day… for the exact reasons in this photo: the water, the boat. Blues are like home to me. SO calming.

Source: jessica tierney designs via melissa on Pinterest

I LOVE grey flannel now, and these booties are so cute!

Source: Fossil via melissa on Pinterest

Have fun pinning!!