Who Says I Can’t?

If well-behaved women seldom make history (Laurel Thatcher Ulrich), then who says I can’t:

Tell the truth?

Get tipsy?

Be emotional?

Risk offending someone?

Be intelligent AND beautiful?

Drive fast?

Drive slow?

Buck tradition?

Eat the whole bag?

Cry when I feel like laughing?

Laugh when I feel like crying?

Be assertive?

Get up when I fall down?

Sleep another hour?

Have another glass?

Sing at the top of my lungs?

Mix salty and sweet?

Shout until everyone hears me?

End a sentence with a preposition?

Make waves?

Live a BIG life?

Eat dessert first?

Have seconds?

Have thirds?

Go to bed without washing my face?

Skip today’s shower?

Reach for the stars?

Start a sentence with “and” or “because”?

Start a sentence with “but”?

Leave it for someone else to deal with?

Wear my heart on my sleeve?

Take a nap?

Read the whole book in one sitting?

Have 2 shots of tequila?

Cut my hair short?

Wear the same blouse as I did yesterday?

Start over?

Clear my plate?



Wear pajamas and a sweatshirt all.day.long?

Eat olives and cheese for dinner?

Leave the house without any makeup on?

Learn something new?

Make more money?

Try again?

I want to be a game-changer, a visionary. I also want to learn to relax, enjoy life and not be so bound by “rules”. And I while I do want to be loving and extend grace to others at the same time, I want to make sure that I’m not SO concerned with what others say and think about me that it keeps me from stepping out and going after what I want and what I know to be true and right.

So here’s to lightening up, stepping out and inviting others to do the same. And having a ton of fun along the way!