After a busybusy week (and a full day today), we’ve been resting this evening. And as we have, I’ve found myself thinking about what blessings come from rest. We were actually created by Someone who rested. I don’t really think the God of everything needed to rest. I think He rested to set the example and to show us that while work and play are necessary and good, so is rest.

When I take a break, I come back to the things I need to do refreshed and refocused. I’m re-energized and my perspective has typically been renewed. I also find that I’m more able to be generous: with my time, my emotions and myself (rather than when I’m spent and in need of rest, I’m typically pretty selfish!).

So it’s my prayer that this weekend gives you some time for rest… And that as you rest, you’ll find some of life’s “rough places are made smooth, and any crooked places are made straight” (Isaiah 40:3-5).