I haven’t used this blog as a platform for making sales as an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot. Yes, I’ve talked about my job and my team, and how much I love what I do, but I’ve been careful not to overstep.

But since it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month and I have a pretty lofty goal I thought I would share it with those of you who have become faithful readers of this blog. Because more than being just readers, many of you have become friends. And this is what I do with my friends: I share my goals. Not just so that friends can help me reach them by actually buying something (as in this case), but so that friends can help by cheering me on and holding me accountable.

So here’s my goal with Stella & Dot and Breast Cancer Awareness:

Stella & Dot has released a Tribute Bracelet to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness. The bracelet was created in honor of one of Stella & Dot’s very own Stylists who is in remission. She is actually on my larger team and we got to hear her story this past July at our national conference. She is the very model of courage and strength (her motto during her journey became “put on your wig and go!”), as are all of those who have battled (or are still battling) breast cancer. With this bracelet, Stella & Dot is donating 20% of all sales during the month of October to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). See the bracelet here–it’s gorgeous!!

My goal this month is to sell 100 Tribute Bracelets! The return? $720 donated to the BCRF!

If (or should I say WHEN!) I reach that goal, I’ll add $280 to the cause to make it a total donation of $1000. Will you join with me in helping me reach this goal? Shop here to participate:

At only $36 it’s the perfect way to honor someone you know who has battled breast cancer, or to give to a VERY worthy cause. In fact–since it’s not pink–it’s the perfect gift for ANY hero in your life. I’ve bought one for myself to remind me that life is precious, and I’ll be giving them to the heroes in my life.

If you do decide to buy one (or more of these bracelets) please select “Breast Cancer” as your hostess at checkout for reduced shipping and to be entered in the raffle to enter some great Stella & Dot goodies!

Please share this post with others (friends, family co-workers–even post it on Facebook or reblog if you’d like!) to help me reach–and even EXCEED–this goal!

Thank you so much.