Dinner with Friends

On September 9, 2011, I started a 30-Day Blog Challenge. To see all 30 prompts for this challenge (and Day 1′s response), click here. And then return to Life is Grace until October 9th, to read my answers/responses.

Day 29: List 10 people, dead or alive, you would invite to dinner. Include the dinner menu

OK, so these people might not all call me “friends”, but in my mind I’ve either read enough of their words, listened to them speak often enough or know enough of their songs that I would call them my friends. 🙂

1. Jesus – I think this goes without saying, but having Him there IN THE FLESH would be amazing!
2. My husband – If he missed this dinner he would probably be pretty upset–as would I! 🙂 And besides that, Brock is smart, funny and is really good about keeping things interesting… not that I think conversation with this group would wane, but I definitely want him around!
3. C.S. Lewis – As a writer and theologian, I almost can’t think of anyone I’d rather have there.
4. Bono – Of course I have to invite him!  Aside from being part of one of my all-time favorite bands, I admire his faith, his world-view and I know he would bring some gems to the conversation this lineup brings.
5. Martin Luther King, Jr. – I so want to hear from the man who fully understood the Sermon on the Mount: that the cross we bear precedes the crown we wear, and was able to extend SUCH grace and love to so many who were full of hatred and evil.
6. Anne Lamott – A great writer and a woman whose faith plays out in her daily life–rather than on some higher, thinking level. She “gets” it…
7. Jon Weece – The pastor of our church. I’d just love to have him weigh in… he seems to have a great sense of humor, apart from being an excellent communicator.
8. Dr. Paul Brand – Talk about the hands and feet of Jesus! The way he loved on and reached out to those sick with leprosy was amazing and well, just like Someone else I know. I’d really like to hear his stories.
9. Frederick Buechner – Um, of COURSE I’d want him there! The man after whose writing my blog is named! This man who believes that if God speaks at all, it’s into our everyday personal lives (vs. the miraculous and supernatural), and out of this belief and understanding, he demonstrates through his writing how to listen.
10. David Crowder – Love his faith, love his music and lyrics and the way he enters into worship–thus leading me in…
Dinner Menu: 
So, there’s definitely a part of me that would want to impress, with a five-course meal. But then I’d be too stressed out to enjoy the company and conversation. So instead I’ll have to opt for this…
  • Appetizer: homemade roasted red pepper hummus–nice and creamy and not too filling, with several easy options for dipping: warm naan, pita chips, and fresh veggies.
  • Main course: brown sugar and chili glazed roasted porkloin, roasted sweet potatoes and salad
  • Dessert: pumpkin bars with cinnamon cream-cheese frosting