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Day 14: Your earliest memory

My earliest memory is of dreaming E.T. was outside my window in the bushes. As a little girl, my bedroom overlooked a small courtyard that was full of all kinds of trees and bushes. And shortly after having seen E.T. in the movie theater (I think I was 4), I dreamed that he was there–right outside my window.

You know the part when E.T. and everyone are running through the forest and he’s breathing really heavy–even creepily, except that it’s E.T. and he’s not creepy? Well, that’s what I heard. Branches and bushes moving around and a weird breathing sound. I remember crying and calling my parents into my room and telling them that E.T. was outside my window. And I also remember them telling me it was just the wind. But does wind make a creepy breathing sound???

To this day, when I watch E.T. (which I LOVE) and see that part, that’s what I think of.

There’s a chance that I have earlier memories, but it’s hard for me to differentiate between actual memories and stories I’ve been told about when I was a small child that have become like memories.