Bullet It

On September 9, 2011, I started a 30-Day Blog Challenge. To see all 30 prompts for this challenge (and Day 1′s response), click here. And then return to Life is Grace until October 9th, to read my answers/responses.

Day 12: Bullet your whole day.

  • woke up at 7:00
  • washed face
  • took Ollie outside
  • gave Ollie his breakfast bone (IAMS Tartar Treats)
  • had coffee
  • showered and got dressed
  • gave Ollie a Kong with peanut butter
  • drove to Louisville to put Brock’s parents on a plane back to AR
  • had lunch at Sonic
  • drove back to Lexington
  • worked on Stella & Dot (followed up with September Hostesses, booked 1 more Trunk Show for October, followed up with a new Stylist)
  • took Ollie for a walk
  • did 3 loads of laundry
  • ate dinner–homemade chili–SO good!!
  • went to a Meet Stella & Dot Event
  • watched the season premieres of The Middle and Modern Family*
  • read*
  • went to bed*

*the last 3 are assumptions (but pretty safe ones)… I just wanted to get this post published. 🙂