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Day 10: Your guilty pleasure (or pleasures!)

1. Popcorn. I know it *can* be good for you. And I DO love air-popped-lightly-salted variety. In fact, it’s often a go-to snack. But I LOVE movie-theater-soaked-in-butter-popcorn, too! But I only indulge every once in a while.

2. Shoes and expensive handbags. I don’t even know what to say here… If I had more expendable income, I’d have SO many more. Of both.

3. I must list books, as well. Reading for pleasure is a luxury. Even so, I try to do it every day, even if I only get through 10 pages of a book. I always feel a little guilty, though. Because there’s always something else I should probably do instead.

4. Having packages delivered to me. For some reason I can’t name, I feel like I’m getting away with something here. Maybe it is like getting an undeserved or unexpected present?

5. Massages. I would pay someone to rub my back for an hour every day if I had the money. I only get a massage about once a year, but I always feel a little guilty for not spending the money on something more obviously practical. When I was finishing graduate school and writing my thesis, I made it a point to get a massage once a month. I think I ended up having 6 month’s worth! But only because spending almost every waking hour hunched over my computer, transcribing recorded data and writing my thesis had my neck and shoulder muscles so tense I could hardly stand it. I actually wouldn’t go back to that time period. But the massages were oh, so nice!!