Toys and Make-Believe

On September 9, 2011, I started a 30-Day Blog Challenge. To see all 30 prompts for this challenge (and Day 1′s response), click here. And then return to Life is Grace until October 9th, to read my answers/responses.

Day 7: Your favorite childhood toys. 

This is a really difficult one for me. Not because I don’t remember my childhood or because I can’t choose, but because I spent so much of my childhood either reading or coming up with some elaborate make-believe situations that didn’t really involve specific toys. I mean, yes, I do remember playing with Lincoln Logs and Barbies. And oh! I loved Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and My Little Pony.

But what I remember most of all is asking my teachers for their extra “dittos” (why were they called that? When I taught we called them “photo copies” or just “worksheets”) and playing school with my friends for hours on end. And if I couldn’t force my brother to play with me, I’d just play by myself. I also remember cutting up pieces of paper into about 1″ squares, using my Cabbage Patch dolls as “patients”, dressing up in my mom’s dresses and playing dentist. The 1″ squares were the x-ray film that we used to take pictures of the Cabbage Patch dolls’ teeth. I guess it didn’t matter that they didn’t have any teeth. We would stick the paper to the inside of my dark closet door (dark for viewing the x-rays) with toothpaste and view them with a flashlight… Because that’s what dentists and their hygienists did, right? 🙂

The other two things I remember playing (and LOVING) are restaurant (my friends and I would take turn being the waitress) and Realtor (we used all the paperwork and folders we always had lying around from all the house-hunting my parents always did. I specifically remember that my name was always Samantha Grey??? And that I was a realtor for Caldwell-Banker).

SUCH funny memories!