[Grilled] Cheesiness

Grilled cheese. I’ve been craving it lately. Even experimenting with a few different combinations of flavors to put together on my “ideal” grilled cheese sandwiches.

And it’s not just me. There are Food Trucks dedicated to the sandwich, a website and even several Facebook Fan Pages (one is here)! So what is it about grilled cheese that makes our mouths water? Is it the crispy, toasty bread? Is it that oooey, gooey cheese? Or is it that the sandwich causes us to remember our childhood in a way that not even peanut butter and jelly can? Don’t get me wrong, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are definitely yummy, but they were slapped together quickly and tossed into our lunch bags… Grilled cheese sandwiches were something Mom made for us when we were at home. They required a little more effort than peanut butter and jelly, they had to be served hot and maybe even cut into little triangles. Whether Mom served them because we stayed home from school with a sore throat, or because it was summer vacation–they were one of those simple treats that have now become a gourmet temptation.

Take a look at these and tell me you’re not craving a grilled cheese sandwich too:

This is the Flatiron. It’s loaded with Wisconsin Brie, crispy bacon, hash browns, and a fried egg atop French toast. Seriously!!? That would be a killer breakfast sandwich. Or really, any time of day. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

These are the Lil’ Kahunas. Delicious morsels of Wisconsin Pepper Jack, pineapple, and sautéed bell peppers on King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread. I love anything with pineapple on it. Especially anything with cheese+pineapple. Ever had a hamburger with pineapple? Or a pizza with pineapple? Gosh, I’m making myself HUNGRY! 🙂

This is The Green Acre. A mouthwatering combination of Wisconsin Gouda and spinach with cremini mushrooms and Dijon béchamel sauce. Cremini mushrooms are some of my favorites. And hello? Dijon béchamel? Yes, please!!

Since I have been craving grilled cheese (the most creative I’ve been is to combine provolone with pesto sauce–SO good!), I’ll be trying all 3 of the above sandwiches in the next few months. They came from The Grilled Cheese Academy‘s website and of all 30 sandwiches, they stood out to me the most (though MANY of them sound delicious!). And you can bet that I’ll be blogging about each of them.

Anyone want to join me? If so, I would LOVE to know what creative, yummy, CHEESY concoctions you come up with. Just link your posts/recipes to this one using the link button below. And be sure to check back from time to time. You may find some great recipes from other bloggers here!