One Day…

It’s been years (probably about 10 or more) since I first saw pictures of Lake Como. It was the setting of a book that I read (and I can’t even remember which one), but I fell in love with it and decided that I HAD to see it one day. Someday.

Since then, I’ve read another series of books that centers around a family whose matriarch is from Bergamo, Italy (not too far from Lake Como). The series is by Adriana Trigiani, and it is the Big Stone Gap series. It’s very good. The main character–Ave Maria–and her family return to Northern Italy often. In fact, I think each of the books includes a trip back to Bergamo, with one stint at Lake Como (read more about the Big Stone Gap series here).

Recently, some of our friends traveled to Europe and (among some other fantastic places) they visited Milan, Bergamo, Lecco (another town in Northern Italy) and Lake Como. After hearing about their travels there and seeing their photos, I am now convinced that this is a place we MUST visit!!

Did you hear that, Sweetie?! Let’s make sure Northern Italy is on our “bucket list”!  ‘K? Thanks!!!! 🙂

I mean, seriously! Just look at these gorgeous photos!

Don’tcha wanna just hop on a plane NOW!??