At Home with the Templetons

I wasn’t even sure I’d be writing this post, because I wasn’t sure I’d finish the book. That would be 2 for 2 with the last books I’ve chosen (see here). But there was at least the inkling that something better was to come in At Home with the Templetons, by Monica McInerney. And that’s what kept me going…

Source: Amazon

I’ve read several other of McInerney’s novels and really liked them–from the beginning. This one was a little tougher to get into. It was a sweeping epic, and that may be why. It was written in 3 parts, and part 1 was the hardest to get through… Except for the promise of something to come. The book started with Gracie arriving at what we learn to be “Templeton Hall”, where some dark, curly-headed, handsome stranger greets her. Who was he?

…The book starts from that event and takes the reader back to what happened to get to that moment. The problem is that it takes us back 16 years prior to that moment. And McInerney spends a LONG time in the first 3 of those 16 years. However, she does a really good job developing the characters and the backstory.

All in all, it was a good book. The pace really picked up in part 2, and then once I got to part 3 I absolutely could NOT put it down!! But I’d rather be able to say that about the entire book.