3 Simple Rules

Source: Heyfrancis

Isn’t this an awesome reminder of what it takes to move forward in life? So often, I find that I’m TOO paralyzed by fear, and yet unsatisfied with where I find myself. Something has to change, right? I’ve heard it said that my desire for success MUST be greater than my fear of failure. And looking back, I can point to specific instances where my desire to succeed totally overrode my fear of failing…

Whether it was quitting my job as a teacher, picking up and moving from Atlanta to go back to school full-time to pursue an MA in linguistics at UF, going out on a limb with some friends to try online dating in order to meet more men and see where the experience might lead, or signing up to become an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot for a little extra spending money and the opportunity to get connected in a new city… All of these decisions were big ones, and a bit out of character for this meticulous, Type A, gotta-know-the-outcome-before-she-dives-in gal. But they all lead to amazing opportunities! Opportunities that I would SO have missed out on had I not just dove in! I would have been stuck in a job that I was really unhappy with, I wouldn’t have met and married the most AMAZING man ever, and I would have missed out an exciting and fabulous career with Stella & Dot!

I need to learn from these previous experiences and know that although fear (and possibly failure) are staring me in the face, I may just be steps away from the best rewards ever–whether it be learning from those failures or moving past the fear into something better.