Not According to Plans

So today didn’t go quite as planned… It started out great; no complaints at all. But at about noon, I heard my husband yell, “Melissa, hurry! And bring all the towels you can! We have a leak!!”

Not what anyone wants to hear.

I ran downstairs with my arms full of towels, and as my feet hit the floor of the first level (not our main living level, but it’s almost completely carpeted–where our laundry room, a second living room and a bedroom and bathroom are) I walked into a soupy mess. The laundry room had flooded! There was about an inch of water in the laundry room and it was quickly pouring into the living room. We turned off the washing machine (the source of the leak) and tried to mop up the water. But it seemed like even after about 20+ towels had been thrown down we were still walking around in a wading pool.

So, Brock went to the store to get a Shop-Vac and a box fan while I repositioned our other fan and started wringing out the towels (funny how you’re never prepared for something like this!). While he was gone, I filled a trash can with water 4 times and managed to mop up some of the mess. When he got home, one of us worked on vacuuming the rest of the water out of the laundry room while the other tried to sop the water out of carpet. By then it was 2:00–we HAD to take a break for lunch. And then we were back to it; we worked until 4:45!

I don’t know at what point during the wash cycle the washing machine started leaking, but I’m SO grateful we were home and that Brock heard it so that we could turn it off and keep it from continuing to leak. And that we were also able start the clean-up early–before any permanent damage had been done.

But, the thing that I loved about the day was Ollie. Through it all, he never left our side. He sat downstairs with us and watched everything–so patiently. He didn’t whine or cry. He just watched. He’s definitely our little guy! And when we finished, he was ready to play. Which was fine with us, as we were more than ready for the distraction!

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better (I’m SURE it will be), and that we can pay Ollie a little more attention. 🙂

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