Year One

One year of blogging, under my belt!


I started out so hesitantly, not even sure I’d be able to stick with it–but wanting to–as is obvious here in my first post. And let’s face it, starting out I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to say or post about. Several of my first posts were pretty “crash and burn”. Some of them still are! But I’ve kept with it. Not out of any sort of obligation, but because I love it.


And I’ve learned SO much in this first year…

1) About myself–I’ve learned that while I’m certainly NOT the world’s best writer or the world’s best chef, I am fairly creative. And that creativity tends to come out in the way I express myself with words and with food. I LOVE to experiment in the kitchen, and I feel at peace and have so much fun just playing around there–whether my “experiments” turn out or have to be thrown away. In fact, I get so carried away that I don’t think to snap pictures along the way, which is why I don’t often post about my fun in the kitchen.

2) About my reasons for being here and what I want my blog to look like (in terms of what I want it to accomplish)–I’ve learned that in addition to being a place where people come to get hope and inspiration–whether from a great quote or picture or a long, thought-provoking post–my blog is also a place where I can dive in and process through thoughts and emotions. At first, I was extremely aware of the fact that others may be reading my posts. And that was quite scary for me. So I was less-inclined to write about anything very personal. And I have noticed that I still go through phases where my writing is less engaged and more detached. I think I’ve been afraid of how people will respond. But…

3) I’ve also learned SO much from other bloggers–As a blogger, I’m now part of a community of bloggers. I read so many more blogs than I did when I wasn’t writing my own. And I have other bloggers who read mine and comment and interact with me here (as I interact with them); we have formed a community with each other that was such a surprise to me! And there is such kindness here in the “blogosphere”!! I have learned so much from everyone–and still am!


The kindness and warmth that does exist here (for the most part) has managed to help me open up some more and realize that while there are people reading and commenting on my blog, it’s totally OK for me to get “down and dirty”, if I feel I need to; to write on a more personal and vulnerable level than I have in the past. Which is why I feel that in the last 6 months my blog has really taken on a better form. I think I’ve found my groove, in a sense. That is certainly not to say that it won’t continue to change–as I continue to grow and change. But I feel much better about the way I write and express myself here. I also feel like there is some structure to my blog that didn’t exist when I first started blogging. Part of this structure is due to the Word Press Daily Post challenge that I’m participating in and part of that is also due to the structure I imposed on my blog:

Mondays–something motivational to focus myself and my week


Wednesdays–Wordless Wednesdays (though I do still use words, they’re just very minimal)

Thursdays–Thankful Thursdays

Fridays–Faith Fridays


Sundays–food or menu-planning (although I often also do a lot of free posts on Sundays, too)



In the past year, I was Freshly Pressed one time (which was an absolute delight, in and of itself and for other reasons!!!), with my post Fun Theory. With that post I had a LOT of traffic to my blog for about 2 weeks (even though my post was on the FP board for about a day). It was pretty awesome… But then traffic went back to more manageable numbers–around 50-150 or so visits per day. Would be nice to be Freshly Pressed again, but I think one can never tell!


Anyway, I won’t list favorite blog entries over the past year, as I did in an entry at the first of the month. But thank you to all of you who are faithful readers and to all who check in from time to time. I enjoy our community so much!