Thankful Thursday

Upon reading a fellow blogger’s post, I was inspired to start incorporating some “Thankful Thursday’s” into my own blogging rotation. Last November I did a series of Thanksgiving posts (click here for the archive of November posts) where I was intentional about posting that for which I was (and am!) thankful throughout the month. I wanted to cultivate a more thankful heart, and I believe it helped. So when I saw the post by Daisy Girl, it resonated with me… Because rather than just being something I do during the month of Thanksgiving, it can be something I do more regularly.

Like today… I’m thankful for:

a husband who has REALLY helped me get our house unpacked, rather than just leaving it all to me.

a beautiful new house that we can settle into and make our own.

cooler, more mild temperatures, and the rain we’ve been getting.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever. ~Psalm 136: 1