Could Eat the WHOLE Thing

There aren’t many things that I could plow right through and eat in their entirety. But good, homemade guacamole is one thing that I could practically eat by the spoonful!

Yes, it’s very good with tortilla chips, or on tacos or burritos. …Or salads or chicken or practically ANYTHING else!

Remember I said I could eat if by the spoonful? Well, I could. And I often do. At least when I allow myself to make it, which isn’t very often given the way I scoop it right up. But I’m CRAVING it right now. C-R-A-V-I-N-G it! 

So I thought posting a picture of it might help get it out of my system.

Seriously, Melissa? Now my mouth is literally watering.

Guess we all know what I’m making tomorrow!! Good thing I have an awesome recipe for it! (Or is it a bad thing?)