Roughly one out of three child deaths in the developing world–a total of nearly 3 million each year–is caused by pneumonia or diarrhea. That’s more children’s lives lost than to HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria COMBINED. “In most parts of the world diarrhea is a nuisance. In Africa, it can be a death sentence. Too many kids are lacking the medicines we can find at any corner drug store. Vaccines are a global health game-changer…” ~Bono, ONE’s cofounder

But, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunizations (GAVI) was given the proper funding at their conference on June 13, so now they will be able to immunize:

  • 90 million children with the pneumococcal vaccine (to fight against pneumonia)
  • 53 million children with the rotavirus vaccine (to fight against diarrhea)
  • 230 million children against the five deadly diseases covered by the pentavalent vaccine

With these vaccines, GAVI expects to save the lives of 4 million children by 2015. Victory!

For months prior to the meeting on June 13, ONE members had been giving it all they have on the vaccine campaign. ONE asked its members to use every advocacy tool and skill they had to make sure that they won this important fight to save 4 million children in five years. Everyone all worked so hard to generate more than 150,000 signatures on the petition: we placed thousands of calls, we wrote thousands of letters and emails, and we used Twitter to make sure our voices were heard. It just goes to show that when we use our voices and work together, we can make amazing, lasting change in the world.