Yes. I’m one of THOSE. I’ve been SO looking forward to the release of the final Harry Potter movie, and the fact that it releases in exactly one month is a little bittersweet. I can’t wait to see the final battle played out on screen. But I’m also a little sad that it’s over… That the story won’t continue and we don’t get to keep learning more about these amazing characters and story lines is kind of like losing a friend.

But what a great phenomenon it’s been! Getting to see these books brought to life on the big screen has been more than I could have imagined! Which is not often what happens when books get made into movies. J.K. Rowling is a brilliant writer, and she sparked such imagination with her words that I think a lot of people were unsure of how the movies would capture it all. But capture it all they did! And in a spectacular and marvelous way!!

And at least we’ll have the books to go back to and read again. And believe me: I will!

So here’s to those infamous glasses and wand. And maybe my favorite part of watching the books come to life on screen: Quidditch!!