Post a day posed an interesting question: “what is the top ten list of your favorite things to do, that you have not done in a year?” It really got me thinking… About the things I enjoy doing but haven’t done. And about why I haven’t done them.

First, here’s my list:

1. reading at least one book per month

2. snow skiing

3. water skiing

4. getting a massage

5. playing tennis

6. swinging on a swing set

7. going to a concert

8. having a picnic in a park

9. building a sandcastle

10. going to a museum (preferably, the Dali Museum)

Obviously, this list is full of activities that are “want tos”, not “have tos”. And of course I am doing other things that I want to do–that I enjoy doing! But at what point do we stop and make sure that some of these things are added back into our lives? At what point do we say “It’s been a while since I’ve ___________. I think I’ll do that today!”?

In some cases (like snow skiing and water skiing), it’s been more like 3-5 years since I’ve done these activities. In the coming year, I’d like to start crossing at least SOME of these items off of this list. So that it’s not another year (or more) before I get to enjoy them.

What are your top ten favorite things you haven’t done in a year? And what are you going to do about it?