Yesterday, my blog hit the 10,500 mark. It’s hard to believe that in less than a year I’ve had that many hits. Some of those visits have been pretty random:

People searching everything from “funny theories on life” (taking them here) and “bored girl at royal wedding” (which brought them here) to “should I do Stella & Dot” (bringing them here or here) and “grace + faith” (this search took them all over my blog).

What I’m really thankful for, however, are those of you who come here on purpose and read on a regular basis. Those of you who visit this blog weekly or daily, because you’re a family member or friend, because you care about what’s going on my life, or simply because you’re finding here something worth reading.

Whatever the reason, I hope you continue to come. I hope you continue to stop by every once in a while. Not because I have a goal of  reaching some random number of hits. But because in writing this blog and putting my thoughts–and myself–out there, I’m working on coming to terms with others reading what I write.

For as I write this blog, I’m writing another one where I’m tossing around some ideas for an actual book and flexing my writing muscles. And at some point you will be seeing some of those posts here on this blog. Just as soon as I can wrap my head around more of a theme… If that makes any sense at all?

So keep reading and keep commenting, and I’ll keep writing and posting.