Memory Lane

Two years ago, Brock and I had our engagement photos taken. It’s hard to believe that only 2 years have passed. And that in about one month we’ll be celebrating our second year of marriage! In so many ways, it feels like so much more time has passed. Like we’ve been together for longer than 3 years, and married for longer than 2.

But I was just looking back at our guest book, which is an album of our engagement photos. And I decided that I wanted to post some of those photos here. Because even though neither of us really likes being in front of the camera lens, some of these photos are so special to me. To us. In many ways they represent the start of our life together… A life that in just 2 years, has already been SO full! And I life for which I’m so grateful.

We were married in Florida, at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, which is on the coast of FL–near Jacksonville.

So we had our engagement photos taken at a couple of places in Jacksonville. This, and the three below, are in Friendship Park.

This and the following two are in the San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville.