Like an Elephant

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday. I watched it 3 times… I had 2 pretty bad sunburns before the age of 18. Growing up on the coast of Florida in a family who boated almost every weekend, sun–extreme, hot sun–wasn’t too hard to come by.

Now, even though I still love to be out in the sun, I am much more careful about sun exposure. Because how true that while many of us may escape skin cancer, our skin is SO “like an elephant”! I have so many freckles and sun spots to mark my prolonged time in the sun as a child… Spots that I wish I could erase had I known they would stick around. If only I really could warn the 16 year-old me!

Please pass this video on. Send it to family and friends, and those 16 year-olds who you think might listen and take it to heart! And feel free to reblog this post if you’d like.

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