Never Take it for Granted

“Walk for those that can’t walk. Run for those who wish they could. Fight for those who can’t fight. Scream for those who wish for a voice. Hope for those who are hopeless. Dream for those who wish they had sight. Love for those who will never know what love is. Love them too. Forgive for those who will never learn to forgive. Forgive them too. Breathe for those who struggle for air. Stand for those that can’t. Believe for the ones who doubt. Live for those that never had a chance to.

And never take it for granted.” ~Joshua Globa

I love this quote. It’s so inspirational…

But then I really pay attention to the words and I begin to internalize it, as I believe I should. Especially when I connect it to the words of Christ. He’s called me to love others just as He first loved me (John 13:34-35). He’s also said that when I reach out to the “least of these”, I so express my love for Him (Matthew 25:31-46).

So then, am I walking and running for those who can’t? Am I fighting and speaking for those who can’t, for those who have no voice? Am I loving and forgiving on behalf of those who can’t–or choose not to? Will I choose to love and forgive even when love and forgiveness haven’t been extended to me? Do my words and actions convey love? Do they compel others to want to know the Love that I have?

This is my prayer: that I would love God and others more than myself, and that that love would compel others to want to know Him. And that I would never take His love and grace for granted.