There You Go

“Is this the strange feeling
Of you working all to good
‘Cause I am so confused
I don’t even ask for what I should

When I asked for and deserved a stone
You broke and gave your body as bread
And even the stone that dropped down and rolled away
Spoke of the one who bled

There you go working good from my bad
There you go making robes from my rags
There you go melting crowns from my calves
There you go working good of all I have
Till all I have’s not that bad

When I asked for and deserved a serpent
You gave a net full of fish
And even the serpent that told the lie
When lifted high foretold the gift

For you so loved the unlovable
That you gave the ineffable
That who so believes the unbelievable
Will gain the unattainable”

~”There You Go”, Caedmon’s Call, 40 Acres

As this is the week before Easter, I’m focusing on Christ and His work on the cross (as are so many others). I’m so grateful for that work, and what it means today.

…When I ask for (and deserve a serpent) He gives a net FULL of fish!! What provision, what grace, what love!

“For He so loved the unlovable that He gave the ineffable, that who so believes the unbelievable, would attain the unattainable!” I love that in so few words, they sum it all up: Such love was extended to such unlovable people, and all it takes is our belief, faith! That’s it. And by that belief, we gain it all… If that’s not grace, I’m not sure what is!

To hear the song, which is one of my all-time favorites, you can view this video. Admittedly, it’s not as fun as actually seeing Caedmon’s Call perform it. But at least you’ll get to hear a fantastic song!