If you encountered roadblocks on your way home tonight, would you put a “For Sale” sign on your car and give up?

Why is it that if you encountered unexpected roadblocks on your way home tonight, it would never occur to you to simply give up trying to get there? It might take you longer, but you’d find some other way to make it home, wouldn’t you?

I believe this is because you have a crystal-clear picture of your goal in mind and you also have unshakable confidence in your ability to achieve it. Confidence alone without the picture won’t get you there, and neither will the picture without the belief in yourself. But together, they are an unbeatable combination.

When you discover this hypothetical obstacle, a way around it might not be immediately clear to you. You could be in an unfamiliar area or completely unaware of alternate routes, but that wouldn’t stop you, would it? You would figure out the “how-to” as you went along. You would ask for help, borrow a map, and, one way or another, you would reach your goal.

The same is true of any goal you set in life. You don’t have to know exactly how you are going to achieve it at the time you set the goal. In fact, if you expand your goals beyond what you know how to make happen, and if you hold a picture of the end-result you want vividly in your mind – refusing to give up until you achieve it – you set a powerful process in motion that will help you with the “how.” ~Lou Tice

What an excellent reminder that in other things, the option to give up isn’t there. What if we didn’t allow ourselves the option at all? What would we accomplish then?