Coconutty Goodness

Sundays are typically the day that I post our meal plan for the week, or some fabulous recipe that I’ve tried or even created myself. However, I just HAD to “ooh” and “aaaah” over some delicious coffee that I just bought.

I don’t typically “do” too  many flavored coffees. I do really like French Vanilla, and occasionally Pumpkin Spice (which is another seasonal blend), but I wanted to try this Island Coconut because I absolutely LOVE coconut!

Plus, I am just SO ready for warm weather. So I thought this might put me in the mood and at least make me feel like I’m on an island somewhere. (Even when it’s cold and rainy outside). I had my first cup 2 days ago, and it is SO yummy! It’s a mild blend and the coconut flavor is subtle yet sweet. But it’s strong enough so that you taste (and smell) it in each sip.

If your coffee maker uses ground coffee (i.e. doesn’t use K Cups) you can get this coffee in a 10-oz. bag as well. Just click here for more information.

Trust me, you’ll love it!