TV’s Best Recurring Characters (via lynn m fisher)

TV's Best Recurring Characters

Many television shows have charismatic, funny, and memorable stars and a great supporting cast. Some great shows also feature hilarious and impactful recurring characters. These are the ones that show up for a short time or every few episodes but leave a lasting impression. Here are my favorite recurring characters from some of my favorite TV shows. Everyone recognizes Central Perk as the go-to hangout on Friends, but the best part of the famous … Read More via lynn m fisher

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a lover and follower of FRIENDS! I own and frequently watch all of the DVDs. In fact, I’m so familiar with the series that I don’t often miss a FRIENDS reference. It didn’t start out as an obsession (and it’s really not an obsession now; or is it? 🙂 ). In fact, I didn’t start watching FRIENDS when it came on T.V. in 1994. I think I started watching when I started college in ’96. But I managed to catch up. And even then I wasn’t wrapped up in it. I didn’t really start loving it and  identifying with the characters until I’d graduated from college and was living on my own. The familiarity with the series didn’t come out of obsession either… I just found myself watching the series when nothing else was on. I’d pop in a DVD and watch a few shows while writing lesson plans or grading papers.

So when I saw a picture of Gunther on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed page, of course I had to take a look! The above blog, which I’ve reblogged (just click “read more” to read in its entirety) for your reading pleasure, sites him as one of T.V.’s best recurring characters. From FRIENDS, I’m not sure I agree! Yes, he has great wit and his ongoing obsession with Rachel was quite funny. But if I were choosing a recurring character from FRIENDS, I would certainly choose Janice Litman!! “Oh. My. God!”

Her laugh. Her accent. Her hair. Her animal print clothing from head to toe (and other horrible clothes!). She was unreal! And what I think I loved more than Janice was the way all the others responded to her! Kudos to Maggie Wheeler for such a fantastically annoying (yet somehow loveable) character.

Seinfeld is another of my favorite shows… and from that one, I’m having a hard time choosing between David Puddy (Patrick Warburton) and Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller). LOVE them both!

What Recurring Characters from T.V. would go on your list?