You Say it’s Your Birthday

“Why birthdays are important: They acknowledge our steps along the road. They let us savor the joy, yet again. They inspire laughter and shenanigans. They embrace pageantry and tradition. They ask us to close our eyes and make a wish for the future.” ~ Author unknown

Source: thekraftyfoxshop

It’s my birthday today. And while I usually just take them in stride and don’t do much to celebrate, I’m thrilled about this one! And I want to be intentional about celebrating. Not necessarily with food and drink and gifts (although, that would be a BLAST!), but because I feel like it’s just right to do so! Although, I honestly can’t say why. Maybe it’s the thought of having just promoted to Senior Stylist with Stella & Dot, and being SO close to promoting again to Star Stylist! Or maybe it’s that we’re about to move into our first *real* house together. Or maybe. Just maybe. It’s looking around and finding that life is a blessing and I’m so overwhelmed by all there really is to celebrate as I embark on another year of this journey!

…oh, and the thought of some laughter and shenanigans (LOVE this word!) along the way makes me just a little bit giddy!