What’s in a Name?

I haven’t really used the DailyPost prompts a whole lot, but here and there they do inspire me. So I thought I’d respond to one of them again… Mostly because I like the story that goes along with this one.

The prompt that inspired this post was: “How did you get your name? Who chose it, and why?”

Both of my parents chose my name. It was between Melissa and Melinda and (thankfully) they chose Melissa. No offense to any Melindas out there. I’m just more of a Melissa… Which begs the question, if I’d been named Melinda would I be more of a Melinda? Do our names dictate or “fate” us for who we’ll be or become?

My parents chose the name from The Allman Brothers Band song “Melissa“. And yes, I often get called “sweet Melissa”. This makes my husband scoff a bit. Not really sure why, but it does. Perhaps he doesn’t think I’m sweet? On that note, Melissa means “honeybee” and my husband’s name means “badger”. Could that be the reason for the scoffing? Hmmmm 😉

Here’s an acoustic version of the song, with Greg Allman singing. LOVE it! A great song, by an amazing band!


Any readers care to share the stories behind their names? I’d love to know!