Let’s DO This!

“If you will do for one year what others won’t, you will have in one year what so many want”. ~Danielle Redner, VP Training, Stella & Dot

This week, I’m working on filling my spring calendar to the BRIM to promote to Star Stylist with Stella & Dot. I promoted to Senior Stylist last month (it was official last week, actually)! And I’m so, super excited! In fact, I’m building on that momentum and will do this! My goal, since February 7th, has been to promote to Star by May 19th. It’s an arbitrary date. But when I was at a Stella & Dot Leader Training in Cincinnati with other Stylists, we all declared our goals and chose May 19th as D-Day.

Whether it’s career, family, faith, or life in general, our goals keep us focused and motivated. I can do anything for a year, a month, a week, a weekend – and so can you!!